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Listen to the stories of individuals who've embraced their path in public service.

EP03: Jeremy Bertrand

Jeremy Bertrand’s expertise in public education outreach has led to tangible and meaningful change. With a talent for connecting, educating and entertaining through seminars and webinars, Jeremy brings a new perspective to overlooked topics such as personal taxes and tax credit benefits. In this episode, Jeremy will delve into the intricacies of his role in the Ontario Public Service and reveal exactly why being knowledgeable about what he does will make your life richer. His dedication to serving the public is clear and serves as a source of motivation for the next generation of public servants.

EP02: Deputy Minister Deborah Richardson

Deputy Minister Deborah Richardson is currently the highest-ranking Indigenous person in the Ontario Public Service. Her unique perspective, informed by her cultural heritage and experiences, has allowed her to bring a fresh and valuable perspective to the table. You’ll hear what she wishes she’d known upon entering government and how public service forever changed how she deals with opposing views. It is clear that Deputy Minister Deborah Richardson continues to embody the principles and values that inspired her to pursue a career in public service, shaped by the qualities and characteristics she learned and admired from her mentors.

EP01: Peter Hoy

Having previously served 3 decades in Public Service, Peter worked exceptionally hard to earn a career that is highly credentialed. He offers candid insight with a humble and reassuring sense of reason. You’ll hear his perspective on what makes a good public servant, how working in the public arena can play an even more expansive role than in corporations, and what actually surprised him the most about his very “dramatic” career change that cast aside misconceptions of public administrators while transforming just about everything in Peter’s life.

EP00: Trailer

The Path of Public Service tells the stories of deeply committed public servants who are working hard behind the scenes and in front of audiences, improving public services that Canadians rely on and that shape our experiences.